I think we need a three-pronged approach to resolving this problem; an approach that would win the approval of a vast majority of Americans, and even receive worldwide support.

  1. First and foremost, our nation now needs to commit to DESTROY MILITANT ISLAMISM, which has declared itself to be our enemy and has already committed acts of war on our soil. We should end its eminent threat by any political, economic, psychological and military means required to achieve victory. I must state here that America would not be in this mess had we not have involved ourselves in the affairs of other nations in the first place (as well as for Vietnam and Korea). There is absolutely NO biblical support for any nation to interfere with another nation except for self-defense, and then only when clearly attacked by them. Click here to request the free download, “The Divine Institution of Human Government and the Origin of Nations,” as excerpted from my Three Facets of the Balanced Christian Life; Vol. II, Facet II.
  2. We should also immediately help to establish a militarily-protected haven for all refugees within their own or nearby friendly countries.

Definitely, America SHOULD NOT admit any aliens at this time until proper immigration standards have been implemented. Finally, NO refugees (man woman, or child) should be allowed into our country from ANY country known to allow Muslim Sharia law UNLESS THEY ARE SPONSERED BY A PROPERLY-VETTED AMERICAN CITIZEN WHO FINANCIALLY AND MORALLY COMMITS TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM! This policy would sensibly and compassionately allow those who have an emotional response to this difficult issue a reasonable way for them to “put their commitment where their heart is” without putting our nation at risk.

I honestly believe this approach applies both wisdom AND compassion to this very dangerous issue for the American people.