Logos Research Systems, Inc.

Logos Research Systems, Inc. is the world’s largest developer of Bible software for Christian ministries and is a leader in multilingual electronic publishing. LOGOS partners with more than 150 publishers to make electronic Bible study resources available to over two million customers around the world and its technology is used in more than 180 countries in a dozen languages. Currently there are more than 53,000 titles formatted for the Libronix DLS, including titles from premier publishing houses such as Oxford University Press, Eisenbrauns, Brill, Bantam Doubleday Dell, Thomas Nelson, Merriam-Webster, T&T Clark International, Eerdmans, and Baker. Libronix DLS is being used to deliver Bible reference libraries to customers around the world in English, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Afrikaans, and many other languages.

NOTE: Most FBR’s books have already been formatted and assimilated into the Logos Software Program. (Search under “Fugate” for products on the website.)

Foundation for Biblical Research

Wholesale discounted orders for resale of any FBR products may be placed directly with FBR as per instructions on our Ordering Information page. (You can also find pre-production manuscripts and our Study Guide/Workbooks at our Free Downloads page.)

Amazon (J. Richard Fugate-Author Page) (Virginia Fugate-Author Page)

Most of J. Richard and Virginia Fugate’s books listed herein are now available and in stock for immediate shipment from Amazon. Simply click on the above link to see all of our titles; some at discounted prices. (You will also want to check Amazon regularly for new Kindle versions. You can even download free sample previews of these on your Kindle for PC or your personal Kindle Wireless Reading Device.

Family Ministries

A retail distributor of out-of-print or low-demand FBR products that are listed on the Christian Parenting page, plus their own Christian materials.

In The Word Bible Fellowship

A Bible-teaching church in Mesa, Az that utilizes a thorough, word-by-word, verse-by-verse, exegetical study from the original Greek and Hebrew languages of Scripture.

Merryman Ministries

An excellent source of very reliable Bible-based Doctrinal materials are available here on a Grace basis.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Download a FREE Kindle Wireless Reading Device for your computer or other hand-held device. FBR’s four technical textbooks and the first two booklets of the Balanced Christian Life Series (described on the Personal Spiritual Growth page) are already available. We have plans to upload more of our books to Kindle as time permits and user demand is identified.

Click here and select your FREE Kindle Device download.