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Correct Child Training Provides the Foundation for Teaching Children

“When parents can control their children, they have laid the necessary foundation for the fulfillment of the Biblical commandment for children to obey their parents. Teaching can only be accomplished by parents who have first trained their children to obey. This is because, before a child will receive the instructions of his parents, he must first respect their word; and before he will respect their word, he must first become obedient.” (From the Introduction of What the Bible Says About Child Training.)

“Although a Bible-teaching church and a good Christian school can assist parents, they are not replacements for the parents training of their own children. It is necessary that parents train their children in obedience and respect for authority before teachers at church or school can be truly effective.” (From Chapter Nine, What Child Training Means, Page 85 of What the Bible Says About Child Training.) The primary reason most schools today are failing to educate children is because they cannot control the classroom.

My wife and I were early pioneers of the homeschool movement in 1971. We took our oldest child out of public school and our other two children out of their Christian schools. We then moved to Colorado where we practiced homeschooling full-time for the next two years. Both we and each of our children consider this to have been the most meaningful period in our family’s life. J. Richard Fugate

Child-Training-150324What the Bible Says About Child Training:
Parenting with Confidence

by J. Richard Fugate
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Child-Training-Spanish-150324Lo Que La Biblia Enseña Acerca De Como Disciplinar A Los Hijos

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What the Bible Says About Child Training
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by Virginia Ruth Fugate

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The Balanced Christian Life Series

The following booklets can be utilized by parents to teach their own children about the major doctrines of the Christian life—from Salvation to living for Christ. Parents, as well as their children, can experience Spiritual growth through studying these booklets together as a family.

When my wife and I started homeschooling our three children, I soon realized that I was unprepared to teach what we ourselves knew. We soon discovered that just having stilted family devotions and prayer was not enough. But, finding Bible-based study material was a major problem. Most of what little existed “way back then” was doctrinally biased, or just Bible stories with a slant on morality. These materials were great at teaching “religiosity” and a system of works, but short on teaching the integrity of God’s Character, specifically about God’s Grace. I had never taught the Bible to anyone before and would have loved to have had these booklets to have Spiritually lead my family.

Each of these booklets can be downloaded for FREE from this website’s Download section; however, parents may want to consider buying the Kindle edition at $2.99 each. The major advantage of the Kindle edition is that every one of the hundreds of verses covered in these booklets are electronically visual immediately. The Kindle version of Booklet One can be purchased directly from Amazon here and the Kindle version of Booklet Two can be purchased here.

TheBalancedLife-Booklet-One_150317Booklet One: The Relationship between Man and God

DESCRIPTION: Topics thoroughly covered in this booklet are: man’s original relationship with God, his separation from God, his futile attempts to restore that original relationship by his own efforts, God’s Provision for this restoration, the contrast between human thinking and the Biblical definitions of faith, man’s innate resistance to accepting God’s Grace-Gift of Salvation from Judgment and of everlasting Spiritual life, and whether security in eternal/everlasting life is a reality or just a hope.

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TheBalancedLife-Booklet-Two_150317Booklet Two: The Believer’s Earthly Relationship with God

DESCRIPTION: Topics thoroughly covered in this booklet are: the Christian priesthood, the Spiritual requirement for Christian service, the functions of the believer’s priesthood, Scripture’s definition of true worship, prayer as an integral part of worship, thanksgiving and giving as aspects of worship, total commitment of a believer’s life as the ultimate physical service, growing toward Spiritual maturity as the believer’s ultimate soul service, and summary of the relationship between man and God.

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