Proponents of three different political factions are vying to win the governing of America this election.

  1. First, there are the Democratic and Republican party politicians who currently are in power and who have long controlled each party. They want to keep their power! They are generally called, The Political Establishment. These are the career politicians of both major parties each of whom averages a net worth of over one million dollars. (See footnotes.)
  2. Second, there are the Republican candidates running to become the next President.
  3. Third, there are the Democratic candidates running for that same office.

Then, there are we the people, whom the above groups are trying to convince or even to manipulate into giving them either, 1) the authority to keep their positions or, 2) to take over that authority for themselves. The prize is wealth; but much more important, to possess the position from which to exercise power over the people.

These Three Groups Desire to Rule Over YOU!

The American people are being squeezed toward the untenable situation of either having an avid socialist or a leftist liberal (who is a well-known liar and traitor) or an unprincipled, profane, egomaniac as our next president. (If one reneges on marriage and business contracts, can he be trusted to keep campaign promises or future commitments?)

This dilemma is the result of an arrogant establishment that has dominated political power in our country for decades and has been fighting to prevent true conservatives from having an active voice in governing our country. Providentially, the normally overly-tolerant American people have finally become feed-up enough with that increasingly more-powerful ruling elite to fight back. They are ready to stop being subservient to the autocratic control of their spiritual, moral, economic, civil, and personal destinies.

We each must spend the time necessary to study the issues facing our nation and learn exactly where each candidate stands before we vote this Fall. If we do not, America will be rewarded with the type of government that an intellectually ignorant, morally bankrupt, emotionally-led electorate deserves.

WHY did we get to this point in history?

The American people, on the whole, have turned from God and His wisdom as provided in the Bible as well as from common sense thinking. Instead, many have accepted the religion of humanism (man being his own God) and materialism (the worship of money and things).

We no longer trust God to provide our needs but turn to government in fear of taking responsibility for our own lives, health, and happiness. I believe I can explain how and why this has happened.

Next Topic: HOW did the American people become so corrupted?

(Sadly, no one responded that they were interested in seeing this information. Apparently, everyone already knows the tactics by which we American “frogs” have been slowly cooked in our ignorance.)


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