The “REAL” National Crisis for Next Year.

The Bible clearly teaches in the book of Judges, that a nation’s people receive the type of government they deserve based on their relationship with God. Obviously, the RNC (and even more so, the DNC) is strongly controlled by unprincipled politicians. Consequently, the people are being stampeded into voting for the crass egomaniac Trump or just staying home. But, before there can be a turnaround in government, there must first be a genuine repentance in a courageous minority of America’s Christians’ thinking. (This type of repentance is described by the Greek word, metanoeo; meaning to change one’s mind and purpose as the result of accepting the truth.) America needs statesmen, not politicians!

This means that America must turn from the spiraling abandonment of biblical principles concerning:

  1. God, His character, plan for mankind and history, and the worth and purpose He has for every individual,
  2. our own lack of moral character (shameless acceptance of adultery and promiscuity, homosexuality, abortion, and other aberrant behavior),
  3. the responsibility for properly training their own children instead of defaulting to the secular education system’s brainwashing them with
  • the lie of evolution (teaching children that, just like any other animal, they have no human value or accountability to God),
  • the religion of ecology (teaching children that they should worship the creation rather than the Creator), and
  • the philosophies of socialism and communism (teaching that property rights are not an extension of the person’s life, and what is rightfully yours must be shared with those who did not earn it themselves)

All of these teachings are already bearing fruit in our young people’s thinking, especially those who have been college “indoctrinated.”

If Americans will not turn back to God and His Word, all Christians should be praying for Christ’s imminent return.

He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20).