Endorsements of FBR’s Ministry

“Mr. Fugate is an example of how God can lay hold of a businessman, draw him into the Word of God, and through his faithful diligence in studying the text, can lead him into solid exposition and application without his having a traditional academic background. His unique strength is that he can speak to ‘academic topics’ without sounding like an academic. God has clearly used him to reach and educate people who will never be reached by ‘academians.’ I will hardily testify that several of Rick’s and Virginia’s books have been used powerfully by God in my own life.”

Professor Paul A. Miller
Founding Director of The GRAMCORD Institute

Dear Richard,

“You and your wife are doing a marvelous job with the gift our Lord gave you in grace. I and many in the flock God has given me to shepherd with His infallible Word have benefited from what the Lord is doing through you both. I recommend all of your books to my flock. Keep up the great work and please let your bride know how wonderfully transforming her work has been for the ladies. (1 Corinthians 1:4)”

Rev. HW Hastings III, ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary

Former Pastor, Grace Atlanta Bible Church

“God is still using your books to do great things in peoples’ lives; we just witnessed another miracle in one of our family’s lives last week.”

Pastor Richard Chromy

“I must admit; I am biased to your work. The first time I read What the Bible Says About Child Training, you said to read the appendices first. So I did, and therein you made it so clear that you believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God. When I began reading the book, I understood everything you said with clarity.”

I have followed Richard Fugate’s work since 1997, and his track record of excellence is consistent. Every chapter, every principle, every outline, every suggestion is explained and broken down into the simplest of terms so that anyone with a sixth-grade education can easily grasp each concept. Every passage is backed with exegetical precision and plenty of scriptural references. Each word study is cross-referenced with the original Greek and Hebrew texts to ensure that the original, God-intended meanings and messages are clear. As a reader and Bible student, it was obvious to me that an investment of thousands of hours of research was required to bring these works to light. These books are God-inspired, and Fugate makes that abundantly clear by taking no credit for their conception. He spares no expense in giving in-depth explanations; not taking for granted the beginner, intermediate, or advanced reader’s ability to understand what they are reading. All of his books are student textbooks and teacher manuals all-in-one. They are important enough to read once but worthy of being repeatedly read.


Mark Anthony Smith, an ardent student of Scripture
Huntsville, Alabama