Are You an “Older Woman”?

The older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things—that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children (Titus 2:3-4).

When I was about thirty-seven years old, I began to notice that women in America were becoming very outspoken in rebellion against their roles as wives. Their unrest was already taking its toll on marriages and, therefore, divorces were increasingly occurring at wives’ initiation. What was happening to families distressed me, but I did not know much about what God’s word said about the role of women at the time. I felt called to study what the Bible said about women and marriage for my daughter’s sakes.

I quickly discovered that the many books and articles written about womanhood (even by Christian authors) diametrically opposed God’s revealed word. It became obvious to me that what was taking place in America was part of an intentional rebellion against God. This rebellion was not unlike Satan’s original rebellion. It has been his strategy to destroy God’s right to rule from the beginning. He has used women throughout history (beginning with Eve) in his attempt to destroy their relationship with God as illustrated in the Garden of Eden. He continually attacks the institution of marriage and family as one way to accomplish his diabolical role of overthrowing God’s authority. The attack on women and against the institution of marriage that I saw in the 1970’s has continued and even escalates to this very day.

Although my studies helped me understand what was happening in America, I did not know what to do with what I was learning. However, when our pastor learned about my studies, he asked me to lead a Bible study for the women in our church. Of course, this not only challenged my shy nature but I also did not consider myself an “older woman” since most of the woman in our church were either my age or even older. Nevertheless, God in His wonderful humor admonished me otherwise. As I was sitting in a chair doing some mending, our oldest daughter came near to ask me a question. I smiled up at her and she said, “Mama, you have wrinkles!”  Then and there I realized that I was truly an older woman, at least to some young ladies.

After that encounter with my sweet daughter, I led three different women’s classes over the next two years. I was a terrible teacher, but God’s grace used those classes to further my studies and eventually led to me to write On the Other Side of the Garden in 1992.

With God nothing will be impossible (Luke 1:37).

Since that time, God opened doors for me to give a few public speeches and be involved in some more women’s Bible classes. Despite my weaknesses, He reached many women with the message on biblical womanhood that He had taught me so many years before. Over the past two dozen years, other women have shared that message with their friends and many classes about biblical womanhood sprung up around America. These women have been instrumental in God’s saving many marriages and preventing families from disintegrating.

Now, for the main reason I’ve written this message:

There are still some faithful women who continue to share this message with their wisdom, teaching classes and being mentors to other women. However, fewer classes are starting with each passing year. Satan’s message of liberation from God’s design is now entrenched and thoughtlessly accepted as truth in our present culture—even in our churches. Therefore, I am boldly asking each of the readers of this message who has benefitted from my books, “Are you an older woman?” Are you open to being led to begin a women’s Bible study in your church or neighborhood? If so, please prayerfully seek both God’s and your husband’s guidance in considering if you might be an older woman who is called to be one of the teachers of good things.

May God guide and bless you in whatever to decide.

Virginia Ruth Fugate / November 23, 2016