Five Facets of the Balanced Christian Life: The Complete Set

Five-Facets-The-Complete-Set-150317Includes: Volumes I, II, and III (394 total pages)

Three Spiral-Bound, 81/2 X 11 Notebooks

by J. Richard Fugate
ISBN: 1-889700460 
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Structure of This Three-Volume Set

Volume I thoroughly describes Facet One: The Relationship Between Man and God.

Volume II covers the next three facets of the balanced Christian life:

  • Facet Two: The relationship of a believer to unbelievers as a Beacon pointing to Christ.
  • Facet Three: The relationship between believers in Ministry.
  • Facet Four: The relationship of a believer as Conqueror over Satan and the thinking and wisdom of the world.

Volume III describes Facet Five: The relationship with one’s own being (self) that he/she could develop in becoming A Completed Human Being.



“This three-volume work, Five Facets of the Balanced Christian Life, examines what the Word of God has to say about the Christian’s relationship to God, the believer’s relationship between other members of the body of Christ and toward unbelievers; as well as with life in this present age. It also sets forth particularly enlightening truths concerning the attainment of maximal spiritual maturity, which is filled with true spiritual meat. Although there is considerable depth in these three volumes, which will challenge the reader to think; each is written in a simple, straightforward manner that makes it easy for the reader to follow the author’s logic.

I especially appreciated the citation and careful explanation of the numerous Scriptural passages upon which brother Fugate’s conclusions are based. I believe pastor-teachers might find this work to be an invaluable tool to help them bring those to whom they minister closer to the stature of the fullness of Christ. I am persuaded that any Christian, who is seeking to obtain a Biblical perspective concerning his or her personal relationship with the Lord, with others, and in attaining real spiritual maturation will benefit greatly from this work.”

Carl Denti, Pastor-Teacher/In the Word Bible Fellowship, Mesa, AZ

See the More Information pages of Volume I, II, and III for reviews from contributors about each volume of this series.