What the Bible Says About Suffering

SUFF.GOOD. IMG_20150924_100434301_HDRby J. Richard Fugate 
ISBN: 1889700355
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This book is now out of print. Most of the theological support for its presentation is now included in FBR’s series, Five Facets of the Balanced Christian Life; Volumes I-III. The subject of Why Christian’s Suffer is mainly found in Volume I but some is spread throughout all three volumes.


What the Bible Says About Suffering was written to help mentally and emotionally prepare Christian readers to understand and conquer suffering personally; and to learn how to counsel others who are not prepared. It is a logical presentation of the subject that allows an individual to understand why, how, and even about the benefits of suffering. It serves as a systematic theology of the topic that can be utilized in place of psychological programs currently being used for counseling.

What the Bible Says About Suffering will prayerfully bring suffering unbelievers to the Great Physician. This book is also important in revealing the various false doctrines about suffering that enslave thousands of believers today. Beyond the issues of salvation and the truth that sets us free, this book shows God’s purpose that suffering plays in a believer’s becoming Spiritually mature and in his Christian walk. This is a Bible study for pastors, counselors, teachers, and serious students of God’s Word.

Book Review

Dr. John C. Beck, Jr.
Professor of Theology at Chafer Theological Seminary

“One of the common experiences of humanity is suffering. This leads to a basic question: “Why suffering?” J. Richard Fugate bases his discussion on what the Bible says. He proffers a systematic theology on suffering to replace psychological programs found in modern counseling. His focus is upon biblical concepts, as the title indicates, “What the Bible Says About.”

Following the plan to present a systematic theology of suffering, Fugate divides the subject into three parts: (1) “Suffering is Common to Man”; (2) “Are Christians Different?” and (3) “Suffering the Christian’s Badge.” The first section addresses both the Christian and non-Christian. It includes a well thought out explanation to the question: Why does mankind suffer? His analysis is biblical, theologically sound, and logical.

I highly recommend this book for a study of suffering from God’s point of view.”



This book gives no wiggle room. After my own five-year battle with cancer and many other trials of life, this book boils it down for me. God is Sovereign, and He does not have to tell us why. It strips us of our arrogance and makes us face REAL FAITH. God is good, because He SAYS He is, and that is enough!

Mona Tuma, author and seminar speaker

What the Bible Says About Suffering reveals God’s grace in the face of human suffering and testing. The author demonstrates that knowing what the Bible teaches specifically about suffering, combined with an understanding of God’s character will benefit believers in every area of their Christian walk. But it goes far beyond that, by involving the reader in personal Bible study. The result is spiritual growth, not only for readers who may be suffering but for those experiencing prosperity and blessing, as well. As in his classic book, What the Bible Says About Child Training, the author’s thorough exegesis of the scriptures has produced a work that is not what one would typically expect in a book on the subject of suffering. All believers will appreciate the logical development and clear teaching presented in this newest addition to Mr. Fugate’s “What the Bible Says About. . .series”.

P. Marcum

How are we to respond to life’s suffering when it comes? Should we pray it away? Should we simply put up with it? Or, does the Bible prescribe for us a better response? Rick Fugate is a relentless pursuer of Biblical Truth, and in this book he has done a masterful job of culling from the Scriptures what God has to say about suffering. Whether you are going through intense pain or heartache in your own life, or know someone facing trauma, this book will equip and inspire you with Truth straight from the heart of God. Its message is deep; its presentation is simple. Since it is from the Word of God, it is profound. Pastors and Biblical counselors will in particular find here a mine rich with Spiritual Truth and practical help.

Reb Bradley, author and seminar speaker